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Full-Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA


Ready to join a San Francisco based start-up focused on client service, recruiting technology and people success? Placement Club matches great recruiters with great companies. Professional service and technical industries are rapidly changing - businesses can hire web designers, engineers, lawyers and accountants, all with the click of a button. It's time for the recruiting industry to evolve as well. We're building a network of talented recruiters and technology to efficiently solve company hiring needs. As we grow, our commitment to customer service, employee development and community involvement will remain.

Job Description

We are seeking a Full Stack Developer with a resourceful startup mentality, who is able to take a project through its entire development life-cycle. In addition to technical abilities like HTML, JavaScript and PHP, the Full Stack Developer should also possess non-technical abilities such as communication skills, critical thinking, ability to conceptualize a design, empathy for users, and passion for collaboration. This is a great opportunity to blend your creative and technical skills through a variety of interesting and far-future thinking projects, have significant impact at an early stage, and participate in a high-growth company with an incredible culture.


  • Write code on the front and back end

  • Integrate data from our ATS database into future software projects

  • Design a user friendly interface for websites, landing pages, and applications from concept through deployment, with a responsive, mobile-first philosophy

  • Site implementation, and maintenance

  • Work with creative team members to ensure consistent, site-wide design that works across multiple platforms



  • 3+ years of web development/UI/UX experience

  • Continuous learner

  • Full Stack development experience - front end and back end

  • Solid knowledge of WordPress theme and plugin development, and PHP development

  • Strong knowledge of current web development languages, including HTML5, PHP/MySQL, Javascript/jQuery, Salesforce APEX

  • Strong understanding of responsive design

  • Ability to write clean, organized, and reusable code

  • Strong cross browser troubleshooting skills

  • Willingness and passionate about learning new web technologies

  • Ability to manage multiple delivery schedules concurrently

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